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Great Keppel Island

Located just off the Queensland coast and easily accessible from Rockhampton via air and launch transfer, Great Keppel Island is the ultimate island getaway.  Nestled amongst tropical gardens and just a short stroll to the beach, Great Keppel Island is ideally located to offer secluded beaches, turquoise waters and great bush walking areas.

Situated just 15km off the coast of Yeppon, Great Keppel Island lies on Central Queensland’s Capricorn Coast and is the largest of the Keppel Group, which feature 18 islands in total. Situated on the famous World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, Great Keppel Island is home to a number of beaches which feature some of the Great Barrier Reef’s highest cover of hard coral reefs. The diversity of coral in these reefs is equal to that of the renowned Whitsundays and the waters remain clear for much of the year.

The perfect tropical island, Great Keppel Island is fringed by stunning, coral gardens, turquoise waters and sun drenched beaches. The island's interior abundant with native wildlife and acres of bush land scattered with winding walking trails. In fact, the island itself is over 1,400 hectares in size and a whopping 90% of that is natural bushland.

A comfortable one day drive from Brisbane, it takes just seven and a half hours to reach Great Keppel Island and with a total of 17 sand beaches on offer, it’s hard to say no to its crystal clear waters and pristine white sand beaches. Best of all, you can swim all year round thanks to average temperatures of a comfortable 25 degrees. A water playground all day long, Great Keppel Island is unlink many other islands that leave you high and dry come low tide.

Escape to an island paradise and visit Great Keppel Island, with so many activities to stimulate the senses, your itinerary options are endless. Whether you want a holiday filled with adventure or relaxation, there is always plenty to stimulate the senses at Great Keppel Island Holiday Village. Chill out under the palm trees and stretch out in a hammock, enjoy a casual lunch with friends and family or stroll down to the two, pristine, white beaches which are just a minutes’ walk away.

Soak up the sun and go for a swim in the calm, turquoise water, or encounter the native wildlife and go bushwalking. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Snorkelling equipment is available so why not join a motorised canoe tour out to some spectacular snorkelling locations. There is also a Dive Shop close by, so there is also the opportunity to scuba dive and join guided dive trips. Delve beneath the surface and come face to face with colourful fish, manta rays, mountainous coral structures and other creatures of the reef.

The perfect destination for the whole family, Great Keppel Island offers a range of accommodation. Explore sunny Queensland and visit Great Keppel Island today for the holiday of a lifetime.

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